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Challenge Competition

Physical therapist and physical therapist assistant students across the U.S. host creative competitive fundraisers for the Marquette Challenge each year. These fundraising events connect students with physical therapy research in a meaningful way and make it possible for the Foundation to fund scholarships, fellowships, and research grants.

  • Competitive trivia night

  • Field games and outdoor contests

  • Team treasure hunts

  • Gaming events

  • Chili cook off

Get Moving for PT

The Marquette Challenge benefits the Foundation for Physical Therapy Research, a nonprofit that funds physical therapy research to optimize health and movement. Challenge events that get the community moving are a great fit. Some outdoor events, like a 5K, require permits and permissions. Others, like a dance or yoga class, can be led by an instructor who can help you organize your event.

  • Run for PT 5k or 10k

  • Outdoor bicycling course or indoor spin class

  • Volleyball tournament

  • Basketball or softball game

  • Yoga class

  • Golf or putting tournament

Keep Learning for PT

Continuing education courses and community classes are another great fit for Marquette Challenge fundraisers. Supportive faculty and staff may be able to support the organization of an approved continuing education course. However, students can also organize non-accredited classes for the community at large.

  • Continuing education courses

  • Painting or printmaking courses

  • Cooking or baking classes

  • Documentary screening

  • Craft or needlework night

A Night on the Town

The impact the Marquette Challenge has had on physical therapy research is cause for celebration. With more than $4 million raised and 26 research grants and scholarships, the Marquette Challenge raises more funds each year than any other Foundation for Physical Therapy activity. Kick back and throw a party to generate donations this year.

  • Masquerade or costume contest

  • Ugly holiday sweater party

  • Photo or art exhibition

  • Silent auction

  • Elegant dinner or wine tour