University of Delaware Physical Therapy Hosts First-Ever UD PieTime

Congrats to the University of Delaware Physical Therapy team on a successful (and fun) fundraiser for the Marquette Challenge! The UD Pie Time is a fundraiser in which donations are made to a favorite director, professor, or clinician to see them get pied. The person with the most donations to their name was pied at the live event on February 24, 2020.  The winners selected for the honor were Dr. Ellen Wruble, Dr. Cole Galloway, and Dr. Airelle Giordano. Thank you to the students and faculty who made this sweet event a success.

The University of Delaware raised $18,323 last year, placing 3rd in the 2018-2019 Pitt-Marquette Challenge. This school is also a member of the Philanthropy Circle Challenge Society, raising more than $100,000 and playing a leading role in the Marquette Challenge’s succcessful history.

Watch the live stream below:


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