NYU DPT Students Host Instagram Takeover to Promote 5K and Most Physical Therapist Competition

We would like to thank the students at the New York University (NYU) Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program for hosting the first-ever Marquette Challenge Instagram takeover! NYU students are promoting their fundraisers for the 2020-2021 VCU-Marquette Challenge, which include the NYU DPT 5K and the Most Physical Therapy Competition.

This year’s VCU-Marquette Challenge is a challenge like no other. Students are getting creative with fundraisers while finding ways to raise money for much needed research safely. Funds from the Challenge support the mission of the Foundation for Physical Therapy Research (FPTR), a national nonprofit that funds physical therapy research grants, scholarships, and fellowships. Since 1979, FPTR has awarded more than $20 million to promising research and researchers. Students have made a huge impact on the nonprofit’s ability to fund research. In fact, the Challenge is FPTR’s single largest annual fundraiser.

The advantage of virtual events is that alumni, family, and friends from everywhere can participate. Early bird registration for this year’s NYU DPT 5K ends April 4, 2021. For more info, visit RaceWire. The Most Physical Therapist Competition will be held Thursday, April 1 at 7:30 PM Eastern Time.  For those who are unable to participate but would like to show support for your school (current or alma mater), visit marquettechallenge.com and make a donation. By selecting a school in the dropdown menu, your gift will count towards the total amount raised for the school of your choice.


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