LSU Health Shreveport Students Kick It for Research and Let the Deaux Fly

Physical therapy students at LSU Health Shreveport held two fun Marquette Challenge events this past week. Kickin’ It for Research, a kickball tournament, and Let the Deaux Fly – Which PT do you want to pie?, a pie challenge, rounded out the fundraising fun. This is LSU Health Shreveport’s second year participating in the student-led Marquette Challenge. We would like to thank these students and students across the U.S. who are finding ways to support research in this challenging time.

From 5ks to virtual Paint ‘n’ Sip fundraisers, students are getting creative with the 2020-2021 VCU-Marquette Challenge. For more information on upcoming events, or to submit your school’s event, visit our events calendar.


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